2017:            Voxare, Blood, Forgotten: Quartets of Mark Nowakowski – Naxos

2017:            Voxare, String Quartet No. 1 by David Del Tredici – Albany

2016:            Voxare, Music for Dance by Cristina Spinei – Toccata Classics

2016:            Voxare, Shakuhachi Quintet by Paul Moravec – Naxos

2018:            Voxare, Mix Tape

2012-2013: Voxare, Complete Quartets of Daron Hagen on Naxos

2013:            Voxare, Music of Stephen Kilpatrick and Adam Stansbie for Sargasso

2011:            The Empty Hours (opera) by Ricardo Llorca, principal violist

2008:            Finding Home with Rena Strober

2007:            Natural Melodies:Music for the Cleveland Museum of Natural History

2007- :          Little Horse Music commercial recording artist

2004- :          Commercial recordings in NYC